TENA Extra Underpads

TENA Extra Underpads

SKU: BOW/354

Brand: Tena


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  • 23'' X 24''
  • 23'' X 36''
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TENA Underpads for bed or chair protection are designed to cover mattresses in order to help absorb leakage, help reduce odors and help maintain dryness. Polyethylene Backsheet Nonwoven Topsheet Fluff Pad Contains Superabsorbent polymer to maximize absorbency and improve skin dryness

 All Tena products are Latex Free, Hypoallergenic and Scent Free

M (23" x 24"): 25 per package, 8 packages per case.
L (23" x 36"): 25 per package, 6 packages per case.

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